Bill Austin

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This is the audio from the zoom talk from Bill on Borders, hosted by

Voices for Scotland is a new non-party, civic organisation campaigning for Scottish independence.

Its aim is to facilitate big, open conversations about Scotland’s future through discussions with people who haven’t made up their minds about independence or who support the union but have had their faith undermined by recent events.


Common Weal Aberdeen's first podcast explores how an independent Scotland could approach customs - the control of goods entering the country - differently from the UK. Links below for full article and podcast.

This report will set out what we believe to be an approach to an independent Scotland’s Customs and borders that will make a major contribution to securing Scotland’s national sovereignty and protecting society. We believe this approach to be far superior to that of the UK Government currently, which over-emphasises the issue of immigration and de-emphasises the issue of Customs revenues collection. This approach only works to the advantage of those who seek to trade illegally at the disadvantage of the public purse, which loses billions each year in uncollected indirect
taxes, an often under-estimated and misunderstood aspect of government revenue. We believe an independent Scotland could have a far smaller tax gap than the UK currently has through taking Customs revenues collection seriously.
Additionally, we believe that concern, usually from opponents of independence, about an independent Scotland’s border with the rest of UK (rUK) in the event of Scotland being in the EU and rUK being outside the EU has been totally overblown. We will outline a ‘smart borders’ approach which we believe an independent Scotland should take up, and explain why it would be an internationally unprecedented and wholly self-defeating move for rUK to attempt to erect what has been dubbed a ‘hard border’ with Scotland.

Links to articles on commonweal by Bill Austin.


Satirical artwork was used as a visual aid to explain excise works and how it could benefit Scotland if we gain Independence.